Brendan.Christy {married}

I've been so busy! SO so busy! School is back in session and I've got lots of editing to do-- starting with this beautiful wedding. I love these two and have loved working with them. Congrats again, you guys!


karen {maternity}

There is nothing in this world like having your first baby, and I loved talking to Karen about her upcoming baby (plus it's due the day after my birthday, so crossing my fingers that I share a birthday with the little cutie). She truly looks so beautiful and will be such a wonderful mother. I love that she wanted to document herself pregnant... it's such a special time.

I took Karen and her sister Mindy to one of my favorite places lately. It's nestled up close to the mountains, there's trails, trees and sagebrush and beautiful light.. it's my favorite. I wish I was there every.single.evening.



lee {family}

We met these guys in law school and we became fast friends. They have the most beautiful children, and this location was just as dreamy as they are! At the end of this shoot I got the call that my little boy had broken his arm... so I felt like we were cut a little short and I'm hoping we can get together again soon. I can't wait to go back here... it's magical. Love you guys!



hale {family}

Christina and I met when we worked EFY for the summer in College. The first time we met we wrestled.... and that's how I knew our friendship was meant to be. :)  She likes to rub it in my face that she got boys and I got girls, but truly I can't think of a better mom for these cute boys.




Poulsen {family}

We had to reschedule this shoot 3 different times because of rain, and wouldn't you know it-- it rained this day too! We decided to go for it, and it couldn't have been more beautiful.


yeates {sealed}

Ever since I was a teenager, I've wanted to be like Melissa. I love her parents and siblings too!  I have really loved watching her grow her own family, and admire her courage and faith in having and raising a large family-- including the long, hard process of adoption. Being with them on this day was very special, and something I won't ever forget. <3


Happy Day


Because of Him, I have these beautiful kids forever. Because of Him, goodbyes are never forever. Because of Him, I can be an imperfect mother, wife, friend and person and still succeed because He consecrates my righteous efforts. Because of Him I can find hope to keep trying. You can too. He has conquered all.

Happy Easter :)


wyatt {birth}

There is truly nothing better than a newborn baby. I loved watching this Momma’s heart double in size as her boys met each other. <32016-03-29_0007 2016-03-29_0019.jpg 2016-03-29_0001.jpg 2016-03-29_0002.jpg 2016-03-29_0012.jpg2016-03-29_0003.jpg









details {photo tip}

The past month has been rough for our family, it's been sickness non-stop. Our sweet baby girl was admitted to the hospital for several days with RSV and a high fever, and was within an inch of being transported to Primary Children's Hospital. Thankfully, the doctors were able to control her fever and get her oxygen and dehydration under control.  All her siblings (and myself) also got RSV, had high fevers, ear infections, pink eye and a bout of pneumonia. It's been rough.

BUT. One thing that photography helps me do is find the beauty in hard situations, because I believe there is always beauty when you look for it.  I want to remember the hard things that make me who I am and that make me a better mother and person. I want to remember how I sat in the hospital chair for 4  days straight and never left her side, staring at her perfect face and praying that her little body would fight the infection.  I want to remember how I became fast friends with the nurses who took amazing care of my babe, and ordered grilled cheese and shakes with them at midnight to pass the time. I even want to remember how it broke my heart every time they suctioned her little lungs or when they searched for her little dehydrated veins for over an hour and a half... twice.

I of course didn't take pictures during those times where I needed to be present for her, but once she was stable and I knew she was okay, I photographed the details, and I'm so glad I did.

DSC_1508blogDSC_1531blogIMG_5615DSC_1750DSC_1445DSC_1466DSC_1706DSC_1495 DSC_1592DSC_1693DSC_1467blogDSC_1600DSC_1671Take pictures! Even of the hard times you don't think you want to remember. The details are a very important part of the story.

It's my story, and it's her story. I'll keep her memories for her until she's ready to keep them herself.  <3



This blue eyed angel is 2 months old now and I have loved taking more pictures with my camera at home than I usually do.

She is growing so quickly and our family is so smitten with her.

She was blessed on Sunday, but it is us who are blessed to have her.

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Merry Christmas

Merry Christmas from our family to yours!


This year has been challenging, but I am forever grateful for these beautiful children we've been blessed with.

I would sacrifice the world for them... and in some ways it feels like I already have. They are my everything.


Merry Christmas! <3

ps-- has everyone watched Star Wars? We haven't ... yet. I sheepishly admit that I haven't ever actually seen Star Wars (though I admittedly have slept through it a few times).. so Bryan and I are having a Star Wars marathon before going to the new one. I'm not going to run out and buy myself Star Wars figurines yet, ;)  but I admit I'm enjoying myself! Now I get where all the famous lines have come from! ha!

Wren {birth}

I'm going to indulge myself and be personal here for a brief post or two.

When Bryan and I were first married I had a reoccurring dream about a baby girl with lots of dark hair. The details are foggy now, but I never forgot the feeling I had when I held her and how much I loved her and knew she was supposed to be ours. I had the dream several times... over and over. After I had 3 basically bald (but beautiful ;) ) babies, the dream left my mind and I was swallowed up in motherhood and life.

The path to having another baby wasn't an easy one for me this time. There were many challenges and road blocks to overcome, mostly my own selfishness and weaknesses...but Bryan and I always knew there was another baby for us, so we took the leap of faith.

The night after we had her, I went to the NICU in the middle of the night to feed her. While I was nursing her, I looked down at her and was overwhelmed with the feeling that she was the baby in my dream so many years ago. I cried while I held her.  She is a very clear sign that I am on the path intended for me, which was such a gift for me to feel.  She is worth every struggle.

Processed with VSCOcam with 2 preset


As a photographer, having birth photos is a really important part of the birth experience for me. I had a photographer lined up this time, knowing she wouldn't be allowed in the surgery, but hoping she'd be there when I came out and be able to stay until the kids came up to visit to see their baby sister for the first time. As most things in life though, it didn't turn out exactly like I had planned. :)

Our c-section was pushed back, and then took a while once we got started due to significant scar tissue (a gift from 4 c-sections). I warned the anesthesiologist before the surgery began that I had a tendency to throw up during the surgery, and sure enough-- I started feel nauseous while they were operating. He gave me something and it helped for a few minutes. After what seemed like forever (I could smell them burning my flesh, yikes), the baby was out and I couldn't believe it when I heard them all saying she had lots of hair! After a few minutes they showed the baby to me briefly and then she and Bryan left to the nursery and they finished up my surgery. While I was still laying  the operating table I had sharp terrible pains in my shoulder. I called for the anesthesiologist and he told me that they were air pockets from taking my uterus out and then putting it back in and there wasn't much he could do for those. I remembered having them in the past.. but this time it was so so so painful.

After the surgery was finished, I went to recovery and waited for my baby. Only.. she didn't come. The longer I sat there, the worse I began to feel and I couldn't figure out what was taking them so long.  I felt bugged, because when I had Graham at the U of U hospital, they let me hold him skin to skin on my chest during recovery-- they never took him from me for the first few hours... but this time, I hadn't even gotten a good look at her yet. By the time they took me to my room, I was feeling very nauseous and was in a lot of pain. Shortly after that I began throwing up which was so painful and irritating to my incision. They started pushing the drugs fast to help with the pain and nausea, so by the time they brought the baby in (at least 2 hours after I had had her) I could barely lift my head to get a look at her. I had about 10 minutes with her, when a nurse came in and told us that she didn't look good and whisked her away again.

Wren 2015-197

We eventually got word that Wren was having trouble breathing and would be in the NICU for the next few days at the least to make sure she didn't have any infections and to find out why she was having trouble breathing.  I was worried and so sad that I hadn't gotten to spend very much time with her yet. I was also so sad that my kids wouldn't be able to come up, but I wasn't feeling well enough to see them anyway.

By 2 or 3 in the afternoon I couldn't wait any longer and made Bryan wheel me into the NICU with my catheter and IV bags in tow to see our baby and make sure the name we had picked felt right so we could tell our kids and family.  As soon as I got her in my arms I knew I was about to throw up, and the NICU nurse had to grab the nearest garbage can and got to me just in the nick of time. She latched right on though and was truly the most beautiful thing I have ever seen.. even with the oxygen and IV tubes.

The NICU experience was hard and beautiful at the same time. I wanted to have her with me 100% of the time, and felt so sad that things didn't go as planned, but the time we spent in that little room together was special in it's own way and I'm forever grateful.  The day after she was born the kids got to come up and go in to see the baby one at a time. They were all in love with her. We weren't all together as a family until after we came home from the hospital. Wren didn't have any infections and eventually started breathing on her own, once she figured out how to eat and breathe at the same time, so after lots of ups and downs, we got to bring her home with us after 4 days in the NICU. We felt so blessed that she was healthy enough to come home with us.

Her birth video is a conglomeration of photos from my friend Helga Laing (, Bryan, myself, and my sister Holly- who came over and took the ones of us once we got home. It's a pretty real (sometimes less than pretty) representation of how her birth went. There's always beauty in the struggle.  It's something I will always treasure.

We adore you, baby girl.