details {photo tip}

The past month has been rough for our family, it's been sickness non-stop. Our sweet baby girl was admitted to the hospital for several days with RSV and a high fever, and was within an inch of being transported to Primary Children's Hospital. Thankfully, the doctors were able to control her fever and get her oxygen and dehydration under control.  All her siblings (and myself) also got RSV, had high fevers, ear infections, pink eye and a bout of pneumonia. It's been rough.

BUT. One thing that photography helps me do is find the beauty in hard situations, because I believe there is always beauty when you look for it.  I want to remember the hard things that make me who I am and that make me a better mother and person. I want to remember how I sat in the hospital chair for 4  days straight and never left her side, staring at her perfect face and praying that her little body would fight the infection.  I want to remember how I became fast friends with the nurses who took amazing care of my babe, and ordered grilled cheese and shakes with them at midnight to pass the time. I even want to remember how it broke my heart every time they suctioned her little lungs or when they searched for her little dehydrated veins for over an hour and a half... twice.

I of course didn't take pictures during those times where I needed to be present for her, but once she was stable and I knew she was okay, I photographed the details, and I'm so glad I did.

DSC_1508blogDSC_1531blogIMG_5615DSC_1750DSC_1445DSC_1466DSC_1706DSC_1495 DSC_1592DSC_1693DSC_1467blogDSC_1600DSC_1671Take pictures! Even of the hard times you don't think you want to remember. The details are a very important part of the story.

It's my story, and it's her story. I'll keep her memories for her until she's ready to keep them herself.  <3